Admiring the Work of others

In an exhibition in the Albertina in Vienna I saw the exhibition of works by Michela Ghisetti. I sat or stood in front of the individual works for a long time and let them work on me. The many hours of drawing that go into the large-scale images have touched me deeply. Someone got involved with color, drawing and facial expression. Or the abstract works with the many layers of colors and drawn lines, which are similar to the scratch pictures that you can make with children with pastel chalk - they also have a heartfelt charisma for me and continue to inspire me even today, when visiting the exhibition already a month ago. In the seminars on meditative drawing as well as in the pure drawing technique courses, I hear again and again that the consideration of art and works of others becomes more understandable when one is creatively creating oneself. If you practice seeing and drawing yourself, you understand better what others are working on. In the same way, by analyzing a work, you can see what is behind it, until a picture or a sculpture or a piece of jewelery is finished. Yes, even if something is finished - so if I create something myself and am in dialogue with the work, when is it in my opinion that I can neither add nor take anything away - when does the charisma fit.

In the case of sketches and the graphic memories of meditative drawing, the attraction is the seemingly unfinished, that which stimulates the imagination, leaves the end open, not everything is completely excellent in the end - because in the times of meditative drawing that is not what it is all about. It gives lightness and could become the basis for an excellent new work. After the meditation.

I thought about all these differences from artistic work, the profession and the vocation in it to the experience of meditative drawing, which enables value-free creation, see-rest-drawing, while I sat in the exhibition for hours. The pictures inspired me to think about these things. The calm in the exhibition was wonderful and still ripens in me. Thank you Michela Ghisetti, very beautiful!