Does a feeling of success exist for meditative drawing?

Our brain loves to experience success and lets our body experience pleasant feelings that we like to repeat.

Do you also experience success when meditating?

I've achieved something great in sports, surpassed a set goal, at work I get recognition and maybe even a bonus. But when meditating silently?

How does success come about?

What is the goal - is it a sense of accomplishment?

Difficult to describe - similar to advising someone, "Be spontaneous!" the counselee tenses up in everything he does as a result of the advice and - whoops - the spontaneity disappears.

And if I point out value-free perception and loving treatment of oneself in the courses and therefore drawing itself is more important than an impressive result of a drawing on paper afterwards - where is the sense of achievement?

I would love to be rewarded, my brain would love to send out hormones appropriately, I would like to feel good.

There is something that comes about that makes meditation so incredibly valuable, even though it is nonjudgmental perception:

This calm! Let this flow. This mindfulness - for myself and for my surroundings. This serenity that is full of devotion and attention.

For me, as the one who invites and gives the instructions for the time units, it is successful for me when the mood for each other has developed. When the participants have arrived internally, I notice that and the group notices it among themselves. It is then like a common vibration, a sound carpet of rest and breathing.

Giving suggestions and accepting suggestions are a bridge between people. I am happy about inspiration or when the participants have found objects at home in a course that can be brought to the course for everyone to look at and draw.

Parting with a good feeling and remembering the time together fondly.

The drawings that were created during meditative drawing then encourage this. Enjoy remembering and let yourself be taken in by the time of silence when you look at your sheet of paper, the drawing on it. Perhaps the impulse goes so far that after a course you take the time to meditate alone at home.

And then you keep coming to new places and new groups, also online, and you get new inspiration and strength.

It's mutual and with each other - I therefore look forward to every new event and group, never knowing what to expect and getting involved.

Hmmm, breathe, absorb, release.

What was the question again?


succeed - follow - enter - step in - with - come - still - BE.