Events. Stress. Everyday life eats me up.

Breathe? Yeah eh “You should meditate” - I can't, besides, it takes too long. "Take a look: There's an offer: Meditative drawing". Hmm, what is that? Me and drawing - well…. On the other hand: The little flowers in my notebook that appear while I'm on the phone, they don't look that bad either. Ok., I'll get involved. If it's online, I don't have any “come-I'll-get-away on time” stress.

I'm sitting in front of the laptop and I'm curious what's coming. A few introductory words from Brigitte. Then a short meditation. Powerful, calm voice. I sit. And get calm. A picture from the forest. I'm supposed to sign that. Some information about the technology will follow. My head says "I don't want this". The hands take the pen. And the pen does what it does: lines, straight lines, shading. Well, it's not a work of art. Brigitte brings us back. Am I the only one who has doubts about myself? Exchange with the other participants. No, it’s the same for some. A piece of connection opens up. Beyond the limits of WiFi and screen. And then: final meditation. Presence. Connectedness. Silence. Am I feeling better now? Yes. I sleep like the heavenly child. Do I feel like doing this again? Definitive. The next appointments are checked. written by BEATE, a course participant - thank you