Give in to Tiredness

Yes, meditate relaxed. And yes, learning can be exhausting too. Especially if you want to "meditate" with the pressure of expectation on yourself. Sitting still, straight and motionless can tense your back and legs. It takes time to feel comfortable in this posture. Time in which I learn to let go. Direct my attention entirely to the silence, perceiving what I hear, listening, listening and letting go again. Hold nothing. Don't hold onto a perception. Thoughts come in your head, worries disturb your relaxation and leave again.

Ganz auf den Atem fixiert kann ich wertfrei wahrnehmen. Nichts zählt in diesem Moment, nur das Atmen. Und die Körperhaltung wird immer einfacher zu halten.

When I am completely tired after a day with the children, at work, in everyday life - it can be particularly difficult to get involved in the quiet meditation. I wouldn't force myself, then at some point my back will just hurt because I'm sitting tense and even looking impatiently at the clock instead of breathing slowly.

When you are tired, sleep well! I wish you that. Then meditate early in the morning before the hustle and bustle of everyday life starts - that relaxes and frees the mind.

I experience contemplation days in the monastery as liberating as a long vacation. I wish you who are reading this. Just seeing and drawing free of pressure in the now is a wonderful peaceful experience.