How often do you meditate?

I was asked that at one of my courses - yes, I also ask myself, I think and notice that meditation as mindfulness in everyday life is a constant topic. It's like going online-offline on the spiritual level. So when I am with myself, perceive myself and feel my needs and at the same time perceive the environment and observe it without judgment, I come to the acutely necessary actions in a very conscious way. Of course, that doesn't always work - I often act, in everyday life we ​​act quickly and without much thought on every challenge we place on us. Children, job, household, relationship, parents, friends - there are so many things and questions and errands and - yes - and distractions. Better to do that or watch this program or a film here and a report there and a message there - and when will I be in contact with myself? When is it satisfied with the perception itself? How often do you meditate? I was asked and still have no answer.