Idleness and digital Detox

In ZEIT magazine I just read the text on idleness with breakfast coffee and that it is difficult to do nothing for no reason. If we are sick, there is an external reason for lying in bed. If there is lockdown, I don't need to do anything, everything is closed anyway. But do I always need a reason? I can't just leave the cell phone off, leave it at home, leave it away - and still just wait. Waiting on the train, looking out the window at the snow-covered landscape, watching the reflection. Be still, breathe and let a thought come, take it up, think through it, think through it, question it and let it go again.

Grrrhmmmm - it always sounded something like that when my son was sitting somewhere and thinking when he was little, but I had called him to dinner, for example. That bothered him and it still would today. I think - was his answer. ah, well.

wie gern ich diese Gesicht gezeichnet habe
Portrait of my Grandma

My grandma never listened to the radio while working in the kitchen, that always surprised me as a girl and I asked her why she had the device when it was always off. Well, if something important happens, I could hear the news. But I don't need it. Hours, days, weeks and months - she cleaned her vegetables, cooked potatoes or washed dishes without any external sound - only the noises of her work came from her kitchen. What are you thinking all day long? I asked. Oh child, I've seen so much, there is enough that I fondly remember - I leave out everything else. That has always amazed me - this old lady had lived through both world wars full of consciousness and personal loss and still thought of the beautiful. She didn't want a distraction.

Reading was idleness for her. Even that for hours and even without glasses until old age - I haven't been able to keep up with that for a long time. It's not just that I've needed reading glasses for many years - I'm often distracted enough to do one thing and the other and a bit more quickly before I put my feet up and read. Until I have to do the next thing again. I admire my daughter how, despite having children, she still has the peace of mind to spontaneously sit with friends at the playground, read books with the children, even though the laundry calls out from the machine: Hang me up .....

Aber es gelingt und entspannt. Immer öfter und vor allem immer lieber - von Herzen gern lasse ich das Handy weg, es ist dabei, aber darf ruhig sein und ich sehe beim Zugfahren raus in die Landschaft. Oder höre, was um mich herum gesprochen wird, lasse es aber im gleichen Moment wie das Wasser das Mangfall einfach weiter plätschern.

Grrrrhmmmm - I think my husband will do the same thing from the home office if you just come to the door. Good this way. Let's not be bothered. And when you meditate at home, start a ritual for yourself and your environment - a candle burns, a note on the door like in a hotel, so as not to be disturbed. Give yourself the chance of a protective jacket and your environment the chance to know this. Welcome to relaxation.