In Maria Kirchental

Yesterday I went on a trip to Maria Kirchental. I have to admit, I've never been there before and yesterday I was inspired by the beautiful way up there. The clouds were low and the mountains were hidden, which gave the landscape something mystical. It seems incomprehensible to me how much work people have done here to build such a large church with houses to reflect in front of it in such a hard-to-reach area. And now the ensemble has been there for so long, defying the storms of the mountains and inviting you to linger.

In February and August I am allowed to stay there longer and give courses in meditative drawing.

During the visit and the passage through the rooms of the two houses, more and more anticipation spread in me to come here to be able to instruct meditative drawing.

Both in winter and in summer - it will be exciting to discover what we will see and can draw there.

The place invites you to relax.

Wonderful silence and prayer were possible in church yesterday.

Impressed and grateful for the beautiful excursion and the invitation, I look forward to coming back to: Maria Kirchental.