Infectiously beautiful

Staying seated, looking, recognizing and just being there is infectiously beautiful. Remaining in this calm - with a straight back and plenty of space for the lungs to absorb all the mountain scent, it is infectiously beautiful to be with others. Because although I enjoy this time as my intimate time, mutual silence is deeply connecting. Without speaking with words, we communicate. We can feel how long pausing is good for everyone, everyone in the small hiking group. We notice how we should not disturb others or encourage someone to pay special attention to a detail. Keeping silent together is not always easy. It can be unsettling if nobody says anything. But it can also enlarge and intensify the common space and leave space in the daily routine for drawing. Later at home, this reminder of how long the many strokes have taken up your time is a good feeling. It is more intense than when I look at a photo of these surroundings. Because I pay attention to more details when I draw. Mindfulness for nature, air, sun, clouds, plants, the hum of insects, Mindfulness for one's own perception and seeing and Mindfulness for the friends who are with you. Departure - now it goes on.