Integrate meditation into everyday life

Is it already buzzing in your head, there is always something to do, the tasks on your inner to-do list are increasing instead of decreasing and you long for rest and relaxation? I know that very well. Sometimes there are so many things to do that the only way I can keep track is to make a list. But while I'm holding the pen and writing, I remember - no, with the pen on the paper, something completely different is possible! I have a longing to draw. Because I switch off so well and recharge. So I look for a time window - in the evening or early in the morning and meditate. I will describe to you here how switching off and refueling can be successful. It only takes a little on the way to rest:

Airplane mode and close the door

If you want to take your time, switch your phone to flight mode. Just be unreachable and close the door to the outside behind you. A sign like in a hotel "Please disturb me" can help to get the others in the household in the mood for the fact that you are simply gone inside. In you. Without contact to the outside.

A little ritual to start with

In order to start to calm down to yourself, it is good to determine a small ritual for you and always keep to it. This can be a candle that you light for yourself. The one and always the same candle. Or you have a favorite pencil. You sharpen it fresh and put it next to your meditation place and the drawing paper. To start, you take a deep breath and let out everything that is strenuous. Far away from you. Afterwards you breathe fresh air and energy. Keep alternating between silent meditation in nonjudgmental perception and then seeing and drawing. Just as we practice it in courses, you do it too. Silent meditation calms the mind, you come to rest and then you can relax and draw what you see - now see - for example a houseplant or just a detail in the room around you.

"There are only two days in the year when nothing can be done. One is yesterday and the other is tomorrow. This means that today is the right day to love, believe and, above all, live."
Dalai Lama

When the thoughts are always present

Ouch, I'm sitting and I've made myself comfortable, it's quiet and the list of things to do is already bubbling through my head. I think of everything that is left lying around while I seek relaxation here. Yes, I know that very well, because in everyday life it is much more difficult to switch off than at a seminar in a beautiful monastery, which I go to especially - just like the participants*. I like to take the SHALOM with me when I breathe. I greet myself here: "Shalom, be welcome!" Then, as I exhale, I sound: SHAAAAA-LOOOMMM. As long as I can breathe and in the tone that's good for me. Then I let the breath flow in again by itself and then sound again. With that I switch off from the confusing thoughts and am completely awake in the moment I sing. This is really good exercise - give it a try! Softly and barely audible or loudly and with the full force of the lungs.

In addition to the always the same ritual, the new

In addition to the ritual that you find for yourself to start and get the distance to everyday life, try different breathing exercises. This can be toning with "Shalom" or breathing through the whole body as in autogenic training. Depending on the place and the time of day, maybe it's good to sing, sometimes just to wait until your head calms down. You will find your own way every time.

Arrive in being-back

Meditating and then drawing can vary in length. Depending on how good it is for you. When you get out of your inner flight mode and land in everyday life, breathe in and out deeply a few more times. Gently move your fingers first, and then relax your shoulders. When you get up, be gentle with yourself, because the circulation can have become very calm through meditation, so you need some time to get up. Then you stand there, firm and strengthened and are there for others and your tasks again. Now you take the first step further into everyday life.

Practice with others

It's good to keep practicing. Whether long or short. The time with yourself is nice! And if you want to practice with others, just come to the open practice evenings or courses in nice places. Until then!