Learn from home

To be at home in your own familiar environment and learn meditation in the process, sounds cozy, even tempting, but you want to be particularly prepared. Anyone who lives in a family or a shared flat must be able to clearly delimit themselves and send the message to everyone else that they do not want to be disturbed. That requires a certain organization. But even those who live alone have to protect themselves from their own distraction. Rituals are very good for this. Light a candle and make it clear - from now on the "my time" of meditation begins. or a sign on the door as a sign for others. Sitting in meditation, the special sitting, the meditation sitting helps. Because the way I sit still, active and still in peace, it is clear to myself that this is now my mediation time. This pillow or this stool, this little bench - I use it to meditate. Rare that I have another use for it. Maybe for making music, singing or reading - but also and mostly just for meditation. A good surface to be able to draw in this sitting position is firm but light: A sturdy cardboard, a light wooden board, a thin chipboard - clamp the paper firmly on it, hold one hand, one can move freely and draws. The hands can take turns taking on their tasks. Yes, that works and also supports the value-free meditation. Because if I don't draw with my writing hand, I immediately take off the pressure to succeed and am happy about every line that appears on the sheet. You can learn and practice all of this at home - there are online courses and online practice evenings. The transmission into my own home is different than when I go on my way and leave home. And yet I am at home in these course and practice units as if in another world. Just try it out and be there. Draw what you see at home.