Lunar Views

In the mountains with no stray light, the night sky is particularly beautiful. You know that. But the evening, when the moon first shines as a bright glow behind a mountain peak and then rises above it, increasing and increasing, touches me deeply. It's such a short time from the first glow to the full moon. And then it is there, wandering on, changing its color and accompanying the starry sky through the long night. Why does this moment in the mountains occupy me even more? My attention is then away from everyday life, I am not up there every day, but only on some days and on rare nights. That is the preparation for this intimate time. And then this celestial body actually comes so clearly visible above us and shows me, I am so small, the problems that move me are not as big as they seem, they are unimportant here and now.

Der Mond wirkt manchmal wie ein treuer Wächter - dann kann ich beruhigt schlafen gehen. Gute Nacht.