Meditating is better than doing nothing

A nice saying, a well-known, a sticky saying - you just remember it. And what is it? Yes, meditation is different from doing nothing. One only breathes, remains immobile and does not seem to be doing anything. Outwardly correct. Inwardly, however, I push thoughts aside, shovel my eyes free, I leave no room for distractions and at some point I am practiced and free, in nothing. But not having to do anything, to perceive everything.

My granddaughter laughed and said: Grandma, why meditate, you're just sitting there so quietly anyway and doing nothing, except - huh - breathe in, breathe out, be still. Right my big one, recognized completely right. Would you like to meditate with me sometimes - should we do grandma-granddaughter meditation? Is this also available for children? Yes, if you take part, there is also something for children. Then we do that. Then we do meditation. She says and goes to sleep - Grandma tomorrow, we'll do it then!