Morning Amazement opens my Day

As it got lighter, I recognized from the light that there was a warming yellowish glow to it. So the sun was just about to climb over the horizon and its rays were already sending warm yellow light ahead. When I open the studio window in the morning like today and feel the cold air on my face to look at the sky, I am amazed at this change of colors: The cold blue, which is no longer quite dark, is replaced by the yellow glow. The progression from one color to the other is so harmonious that I am calm and amazed. Breathe in that cool air, breathe out the spent dreams of the night - only then start to work. I can think more freely if I first look outside or even go outside - no matter what the weather is like - and then sit down at my desk afterwards.

Navid Kermani writes in his new book "Everyone should come a step closer from where they are" about the emergence of religions: "Religions arose where people looked around in nature..." (DIE ZEIT No. 4, 2022 Feuilleton). Yes, I can feel that - here I feel the size and infinity when I look at this play of colors and breathe in the fresh air. With a morning meditation that draws me into this silent contemplation, I can wake up grateful. This gives me inspiration and energy to start the day with all the tasks.