Multitasking and Concentration

In the home office and constantly distracted? You don't have the space to retreat into a concentrated working atmosphere? At the same time as phone calls with colleagues, do the children want help with their homework or something is burning on the stove? Is there real multitasking, or is it all a positive twist to a stressful state that we're talking about? Whatever it may be - having to concentrate on many things at the same time or constantly changing one after the other, sorting thoughts quickly and, above all, over and over again - that is exhausting. Because we like to have a clear view. Having problems solved brings a positive feeling like a reward. The jungle of unfinished business, on the other hand, can be daunting.

On the last evening of the practice, this stressed experience came up and the participant was amazed that she could get involved in meditation and drawing at all. The inner peace that arises when you simply perceive and breathe, be silent and sit still in this protected space of meditation, helps you to concentrate on other tasks. After even a short time unit of meditation, the brain is refreshed again and one can concentrate better on further tasks. Just give it a try and incorporate time units for meditation into your everyday life.

You are welcome to email me your experiences with it - I look forward to exchanging ideas. Questions about how to be meditative and then be able to concentrate better, we answer together in the group at the practice evenings - simply by meditating together and you feel the effect, answers will come :) I got to know meditation for myself in a phase of life that put me under particularly strong pressure. I am now convinced that this extreme in life has so strengthened the need for total peace in the monastery that I was particularly open to the experiences of contemplation weekends. I let meditation flow into my life - it took hold of itself - allowing this change to happen was an important step for me. I drew with my father when I was a little child - but through meditative exercises that made me see and recognize things in a new way. So it is an experience of my own that I was able to make and that I am happy to share with you in the courses and exercises. Switch off, BE, mindless and mindful - welcome to relaxation.