New Year and the white Sheet

Do you know that? You want to write something, you have time and a goal, but the sheet in front of you remains white. Or there is peace in the house, nobody can disturb your peace and there would be a time window for meditative drawing - but the sketchbook remains empty. It's similar to New Years and New Year's resolutions. The rating of "good" resolutions alone puts pressure on a project and we let it be faster than we had planned. Even a new sketchbook or questions about the results of drawing courses create pressure that you can easily let it bounce off of you. Time itself, breathing, seeing and always new knowledge are the essentials. The result of this is rather invisible. The relaxed facial features after meditation could be an indication. Equanimity - not to be confused with indifference - is a strengthened talent from the silent meditations.

If you find it difficult to use the time for yourself, then just start by thanking. Breathe and as you breathe in freshly, think about what made you happy last year. This can very well put the focus away from distractions. And gratitude is a fertile virtue for meditation. I feel the seat cushion under me, I am straight and align my spine like a light that connects me between the ground and the sky. The white sheet is beautiful and could take anything. One or the other line can be drawn on it, lines flow on it - or you just leave it white and get in touch with yourself another time to see. Look closely. Drawing is meditation and it is meditative to see.

I wish you a happy new year - inner freedom for quiet times with yourself and joy in value-free perception. We'll see each other in the courses or practice evenings - the blank sheet of the new, young year is still ahead of us. How nice!