See first, then draw

This photo is on my father's desk. Already yellowed, however, it reminds us both of the day when we sat together at Schleissheim Castle and drew the architecture.

See first, then draw! Look closely! And only then do you start drawing with ease. Simply that way.

That's how I learned it from an early age and it's become a language of my own. Drawing as an expression of what I see and feel. And draw in total silence and inner peace. I see the photo and I remember how the hair clip felt, how much I loved the dress and how warm it was so we sought shade. Sitting in the meadow and drawing was completely normal for me.

The participants in the courses also come into this calm mood. You can feel the connection to the others who are also sitting somewhere. Everyone is silent or talking softly. Everyone immersed in their own seeing and drawing. Hold the pen loosely and move your hand out of your arm. Eyes and fingers become one - the lines flow onto the paper - time becomes unimportant and just passes as the shadow wanders. These moments are quite meditative for time to yourself.

Nice that this old photo still exists and has a place on the desk despite the yellowed color. My father remembers that sunny day with me, about drawing together - this experience remains deeply rooted. My goal with the courses is to convey such calming moments and thus memories of a good time.