Shut down and restart

Vacation in your head - that is easier to write than it actually works. Even when I'm traveling, memories turn in my head on some topics and I can't find peace. Sometimes it takes a few days before I finally get to where I am because something is so emotionally engaging that I can't find a distance. What helps me best: Sit in nature, see, breathe and listen to the sound of the bowl in your inner ear - then breathe in deeply, breathe out, let go. It gets even better. It’s good for me to draw then. Look closely at what surrounds me, just look at it, first line, second, follow lines and it brings my head to rest that I draw. And then when I come back after a "reset", the power is available again. Creativity needs breaks, new links between ideas and information are possible and off we go! New energy will fill my head after the vacation - no matter where I was there. At the local quarry pond, in the garden or simply in the living room. Regardless of the location, it is important that I don't have any additional distractions - just keep quiet and just be on myself and my breath. BEING.

ah well, where ever you go, there you are!