Stop gratefully

Sometimes I get very angry about late trains, about people who seem inconsiderate to me or boastful or dishonest or otherwise difficult for me to understand. When I then notice how something really annoys me or I want to defend someone against injustice, I feel physical changes in myself. It's seething inside of me. Puhhhhhhh - breathe out first, come down and think carefully about what I am saying and doing, which thoughts do I allow and which ones make sense at all? Because sometimes the anger about a situation only brings with it new anger and certainly no solution to a conflict.

Then how good it is to have practiced meditation. Yes, remember, I tell myself, breathe and thank you.

Because with the reversal of the thoughts to a step back and distance, then consider and only then act, calm comes to me and from experience thus also in situations that previously seemed confused.

Not easy. But always easier.

Some obstacles are stones in the way and are a good stable bases for the next step.