Sun Meditation

Even more than the sunset, the sunrise is very special to me. Because I rarely experience it like here in the mountains and because it leads from the dark into the light. See until the sun comes over the top. Hear how the sounds of the night alternate with the hustle and bustle of the day. Smell how the warmth of the day replaces the coolness of the night. And wake up yourself, start the day, enjoy the coffee in silence or just look. His. These moments of transition - from night to day or from day to night, alternating light and dark - the sun transitions are so special that people pause again and again when they can experience it. Crossing: The "sundowner" at Chiemsee with a bar especially for the particularly beautiful golden time of sunset indicates that the moment is perceived as important and mindful, unlike the rest of everyday life. Anyone who has already been there in the evening on the eastern shore of the lake knows that shortly before the sun completely disappears behind the lake, it even becomes quiet among the people, amazement, waiting and pure vision are then important and the world holds still. I wish you this silence, moments of calm, pausing and pure waiting again and again during the day. Don't expect, don't evaluate, just be. Breathe, be grateful, be able to enjoy the moment, have time - take the time to do it. It is your time.