The good Shade in Existence

Shadows are usually portrayed as something negative and used in stories for the unknown and also for the frightening. There is the expression of the "shadowy existence" that one leads, hidden behind others or when one's own light cannot shine. There are very beautiful inspiring texts on the website of the Verein für Contemplation. One narration is on the subject: "Shadows". Stefan Eideloth lets me share this text with you, thank you very much!

Room for the shade

Once upon a time there was a man who was so disturbed by the sight of his shadow that he decided to leave it behind. He said to himself: I'll just run away from him. So he got up and ran away. But his shadow followed him effortlessly. He said to himself: I have to run faster. So he ran faster - ran until he fell dead to the ground. If he had simply stepped into the shade of a tree, he would have got rid of his own shadow, and if he had sat down there would have been no more steps. But he didn't think of that.

Speed ​​has something fascinating. Reaching things quickly, getting a job done quickly, sending messages quickly, condensing working hours so that you can do more in less time or experience more in your free time - those who hurry get a lot done.

In the story of the shadow runner, speed should help to get rid of something, namely one's own shadow. What is shadow Shadow is not the person himself, but something that accompanies him and that he would like to get rid of. Stress, anger, fear, excessive eating, maybe an addiction, a worry, the feeling of missing out, the fact of getting older, a painful memory - whatever it is: there are many shadows that drift a person through life be able. They make you restless, restless, sometimes discouraged or sick.

The ego is afraid of the shadow, wants to suppress it. The mind, the thoughts say: "You have to run faster." Translated into everyday life: "You still have to go there and there." "You still need that." Or: "Go far away." something beautiful. ”The mind seeks activity, it“ would have, would like to know and would like something, ”as Tauler says. It works convincingly and logically: You just have to run faster, work faster, achieve more, read more or experience more, then you will achieve more, find more, experience more joy and fulfillment or whatever it promises. It mostly all sounds very logical and works quite well for a while.

There is a shadow in which a person can always stand with everything that concerns him in order not to burn out or to fall over exhausted at some point - the silence. To give space to silence also means to give the shadow a space to show itself, not to run away from it, to endure it - in the silence. It is there, behind our thoughts, and its power is immense. It organizes our life, is a refuge and starting point at the same time, does not impose itself, wants to be sought, can be found, gives its gifts.

Stefan Eideloth