What remains - Winter in Maria Kirchental

The seminar in Maria Kirchental is over. The participants say goodbye and make their way down the mountain in different ways. I'm allowed to share the time on the descent with one participant and we only part ways at the parking lot. A look back up. Warm sun surrounded us and glittering white powder snow in the reflection made it almost difficult to see at times because it was so bright. Thoughts, conversations, the taste of the last lunch and a very deep gratitude full of peace remain. I look up at the white peaks and know that now the news will come again, obligations will call and distractions from the inner silence will create turmoil. I drive off and there is a little pang in my heart - I fell in love with this healing place, experienced hospitality with bright eyes and open hands from the sisters and was allowed to sit at their table, pray and give strength to my group to draw give.

The confidence that has slowly grown in every participant, the curiosity to roam alone and see what inspires and draws me - it was all an overall experience that makes one indescribably grateful. makes me grateful. When I can give others back their own hands to draw with. Every child starts painting when they have pencils and paper or chalk and a blackboard or street. In the course of time, many lose this joy in depicting and feel insecure with every stroke. But that, that wonder and joy can be found again. Through the combination with the value-free meditation, the mind is basically cleaned. Everything else that we feel rising in us in the form of criticism of our first drawing exercises comes up, slows us down, distracts us and the meditation between the times for drawing calms down again, cleans the brain. We feel that we are in the here and now. Value-free perception helps to be kind to ourselves.

Allow it, if the lines are crooked or crooked - it doesn't matter - test them out and see, yes look, you can see for yourself what will be better differently. Try alternating with left and right, no matter which hand, and give yourself some rest and time. It's so wonderful when knots of self-criticism unravel, when astonishment at: "The things I can draw!" in the evening and when meditating becomes so easy after a few days that every unit of time that always lasts the same length suddenly seems short.

Then everyone buzzes out and goes their own way and what remains? The drawings that everyone took away or memories of nice conversations. Yes, photos too, but they are not nearly as intense as the pictures, the change that comes about: look, draw, look and then simultaneously hold a pen and look up again. I go much more into resonance with the surroundings or with a tree, with small things in found objects and in the perception of perspective in the old rooms in the house of reflection, when I draw everything calmly instead of quickly photographing.

How wonderful that we were allowed to sit and draw in the whole house. The focus of the group was felt like a silent vibration. And now that everything had arrived so deep in silence, one or two more days would actually have been good. We are on the road or already at home. The good memories still connect us. And I wish everyone from the time in Maria Kirchental heartfelt strength and inspiration for everyday life. Thankful.