When you have Drawings

I keep some drawings. I find some drawings again. And I'm especially happy when I find drawings by my father. His relaxed way of placing the lines in an astonishingly straight or curved manner amazes me again and again when looking at old drawings. Some of the leaves are older than me and I am happy that they still exist. I know how he dealt with it up to the point in time that I find it, the drawings are indeed a document of a time, but nothing more. I know, that's how I learned it from him as a child, that seeing was essential in the time of drawing. It was never his aim to create sheets full of lines that can be picked up under certain circumstances. And that's how it stayed for me. Nice to see the drawing, to remember the moment and the place - but what is especially nice is that I can feel the feeling of what it was like to sit or stand there and draw. That has been remembered and will remain. And even if I haven't drawn these two sheets myself, when I look at them I notice that it must have taken some time to have seen and drawn these details. Then I get involved with these drawings and they have a calming effect on me.